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Starlight Children's Foundation. Girls dream comes true with a bedroom makeover.

Sophie’s wish: 11 year -old Sophie has rarely known what it is like to live like other ‘normal’ girls her age. She was born with a visual condition, a progressive deterioration of her sight. As a result, she has never been able to participate in so many of the simple and fun activities of growing up and just ‘being a kid’. Despite this, Sophie is the bravest and most inspiring young person. She is such a bubbly and bright personality.Sophie’s Starlight wish was to have a bedroom makeover. It would be her own space at home to escape the day to day reality. Working with interior designer Deb De Jong & Dulux we to helped bring Sophie’s wish to life. Deb met with Sophie and her family, inspected the site and put together the most incredible vision for the room. Together we made her wish a reality!

Starlight Children’s Foundation. Making a girls dream come true with a bedroom.